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How long does it take for a power flush?
That depends on the size of your heating system and also on how much sludge and scale deposits in the system, so we recommend you allow a whole day for this.

Why do I need a power flush?
If your heating system suffers from the following!
● Heating is slow to warm up
● Radiators are completely or partially cold
● Radiators need to be frequently bled
● System water is dark brown / black colour
● Boiler is noisy / banging & clanging
● Keep having to replace the heating pump

Advantages of power flushing
1 Fixes flow and circulation problems
2 Restores system efficiency and output to radiators
3 Cleans the system including underfloor pipework
4 more effective than traditional flushing methods

Important info please read
The price that we provide you with is for a standard power flush only.
If any other problems occur during the flushing process like for instance week solder joints spring a leek or rads pinhole which is rare but it can happen on rare occasions, we can not be held responsible.

So any further works i.e. like pump or rad replacements etc will be carried out at an additional cost plus materials but again this is in rare occasions.

We are certificated & trained by kamco the leading company in the power flushing trade.

Above is a picture of a heating circulation pump that scaled up so bad the pump had to be replaced, the pump motor was working to hard and burned out due to the sludge & scale in the heating system.
You can see in the other picture above the scale build up at the entry of the flow of the pump.

In this picture below it shows a radiator that had rusted from the inside out, this is caused by the corrosion in the system, the corrosion had eaten through this mild steel rad over time.
A lot of people think by replacing this rad it has solved the problem, well there very wrong.
This corrosion will destroy all your rads & boiler plus your copper pipework if left in your system.

In many homes today you will find a small tank in the loft called a feed & expansion tank , this tank is connected to your heating system, if you haven’t got one of these tanks then your system is a pressurised system.
If you do have a tank & its water is discoloured like this one in the picture to the below then this is a positive sign that your entire heating system has scale & corrosion within. In time if not treated will lead to pump / boiler & radiator replacement, now this can end up being very costly in the long run , its up to you but this will give your system a new lease of life.